Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I decided it was time to buy myself the Mac Pro Palette alongside the 15 eyeshadow insert about 2 years ago now, the palette with the insert costs £16.50 but you could easily put the Mac pan eyeshadows into a Z Palette or whatever else strikes your fancy.

When buying a Mac eyeshadow you can get them in pan form and it saves you £3 per eyeshadow so if you are thinking of collecting some Mac shadows is will end up worth getting them in pan form. Mac pan eyeshadows cost £10 which is reasonable but when you look at the palette it has 15 eyeshadows so the total cost of my palette is £166.50. Compared to for instance the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I believe cost around £40 for 12 shadows a Mac eyeshadow palette is quite the investment. However I have no regrets and this is because the eyeshadows have fantastic quality, pigmentation and range. I use this palette every day and to be honest have been seriously debating getting another empty palette to fill because I still have Mac eyeshadows that I need in my life right now (i'm looking at you Club).

Top Row: Nylon, Retro-speck, Grain, Vex, Omega
Middle Row: Ricepaper, Orb, All That Glitters, Soba, Satin Taupe
Botom Row: Naked Lunch, Jest, Patina, Wood-Winked, Espresso

nylon, retro-speck, grain, vex, omega
Mac Says: Pale gold with icy shimmer
I bought Nylon to use in my inner corner and it works a dream as its a really striking shade which brings attention and brightens wonderfully.

Mac Say: Beige with silver-gold shimmer
Retro-speck is a really fun quite glittery natural shade which is perfect for sweeping all over the lid.

Mac Say: Golden beige with icy shimmer
The eyeshadow is one of my favourites, I haven't really heard anything about this from beauty blogs/gurus but its such a lovely all over the lid beige shade, its showing up a bit more pink than it actually is on this picture but it is gorgeous in real life.

Mac Say: Beige with pink-green pearl (???? what)
I bought Vex buy mistake, I meant to get something else I can't remember what but after swatching every Mac eyeshadow and looking at their names I just blanked and asked for Vex. I don't wear Vex a lot its a grey shimmery shadow but its not very pigmented which makes it wearable. I have no idea what the people who work for Mac were smoking when they said this colour was beige with pink-green pearl because they are straight up wrong.

Mac Say: Soft muted beige-taupe
This is the perfect matte blending shade I literally don't need to say anymore, I adore this shade.

ricepaper, orb, all that glitters, soba, satin taupe
Mac Say: Peachy gold with shimmer
Ricepaper is another really lovely all over the lid colour, I usually wear this all over the lid with Omega blended into the crease for a really casual subtle look for work.

Mac Say: Soft peachy-beige
Orb is a matte shadow which I tend to use to block out the veins on my eyelids after i've primed or all over the lid on days when I really can't be bothered wearing eyeshadow.

All That Glitters
Mac Say: Beige with Gold Pearl
I don't know why this has photographed as being so damn pink because its not. All That Glitters is a muted pink eyeshadow with gold running through it, it looks amazing on its own all over the lid.

Mac Say: Gold Brown with gold Shimmer
Soba is probably my biggest regret in this palette just because I can't wear it, I find it WAY too pigmented for all over the lid and really hard to blend if I put it in my crease. Also I find that colour really unflattering for my eye colour/skin tone. There is just something about this shadow that isn't right for me which is a real shame because when swatched it looks so lovely.

Satin Taupe
Mac Say: Taupe with silver shimmer
I don't think i've ever been out clubbing and not worn Satin Taupe, it a perfect dark taupe colour which just catches the light and looks beautiful.

naked lunch, jest, patina, wood-winked, espresso
Naked Lunch
Mac Say: Minimal pink with shimmer
Again a beautiful lid shade, Naked Lunch isn't that pigmented so its really natural looking when on the lid.

Mac Say: Soft Peach with icy shimmer
Jest is very similar to Naked Lunch but a little but darker so on reflection I probably don't need both...

Mac Say: Taupe brown with golden pearl
Patina is another one of my favourites, I love to wear this all over the lid and blend it up into the crease it makes my eyes really pop.

Mac Say: Golden Brown
Wood-Winked is a gorgeous brown shade which is packed with gold shimmer, I didn't like this so much when I first got it but recently i've been using it more and more as a crease colour for a darker look.

Mac Say: Muted Golden Brown
Espresso is a dark matte brown that I love putting on my outer corners for added definition.

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadows?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

 Essie nail polishes are i'd say the best nail polishes i've ever tried, they are opaque, long wearing and  the colour range that Essie have is phenomenal - there is literally a colour for everyone. Mint Candy    Apple (£8) is the perfect 'Tiffany Blue' colour which has been a cult beauty favourite for sometime  now, i've owned this polish for about two years now and every time Spring/Summer comes around I  fall in love with it all over again. 

essie's mint candy apple
I love to wear a sparkly top coat with Mint Candy Apple as it gives the polish a bit more dimension. This time I used Cosmic Flash by Maybelline, it hasn't picked up very well on the pictures but it is a clear polish with blue iridescent glitter running through it. It really is incredibly subtle "glitter" look so if you don't like the whole opaque glitter nails you might want to check this out.

cosmic flash and mint candy apple

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