Monday, 13 April 2015

REVIEW: BeautyBlender and Micro Mini BeautyBlender

Monday, 13 April 2015
The infamous BeautyBlender is something I first heard about when I started watching beauty gurus on Youtube about 5 years ago, back then the thought of spending £16 on a sponge that I would have to throw out after a few months was ludicrous. Anyway fast forward 5 years and here I am the proud owner of a BeautyBlender (£16) and Micro Mini BeautyBlender (£13), I did A LOT of research on these and found that the original pink BeautyBlender came across as "the best" over the white pure and black pro BeautyBlenders. As for the Micro Mini a lot of people claimed this to be unnecessary and not functional due to its tiny size, I decided to give it a shot anyway just to see if I could find a way to use it.

beautybelnder and micro mini beautyblender (both damp)
Okay first up is the original BeautyBlender which I adore, this honestly is something really special. My foundation applies so evenly when using the BeautyBlender and my skin always looks so flawless as the BeautyBlender really works the product into my skin. At first I found the idea of applying foundation to my face on a wet sponge a little odd but it works so who am I to complain. I have also used the original BeautyBlender to blend in concealer and cream bronzer which worked amazingly too.

damp beautyblender, top - dry mini micro beautybelnder, bottom - damp mini micro beautyblender
I bought the Mini Micro BeautyBlender to blend in my concealer, I didn't have a brush in my collection which was specifically for blending in concealer and when using heavy duty concealers I was really struggling to blend it in nicely. For concealer I love this product it works just as well as the original and leaves a really nice flawless finish. When I received the mini micro I was really shocked at how small they are, they do expand when damp to be a usable size though! 

BeautyBlenders make their own solid and liquid cleaner for the beautyblendes which are supposed to be really good but for now i've just been using baby shampoo which is working just fine for me. They are surprisingly easy to clean actually, I clean mine after about four or five uses. 

I think the biggest question surrounding BeautyBlenders is are they worth the money? You have to take into consideration what you already have - I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to blend in my foundation and even though the BeautyBlender does give a smoother finish it isn't a product that will last you years like my Buffing Brush will. 


  1. I really want to try the Micro Beauty Blender for my under-eye concealer, it looks like it would work perfectly! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. These are so cute, really want to try them!

    hi its hannah


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